Solar in the Dayton Area

December 6, 2012

Though SunRock Solar is based in Blue Ash, Ohio--a suburb north of Cincinnati--we design and install renewable energy systems throughout southwest Ohio. We have completed projects in Oxford, Eaton, Tipp City, Kettering, Waynesville, and Yellow Springs. If you live in the greater Dayton area and are interested in learning more about solar for your home or business, give us a call. A few examples of our work in the greater Dayton area are described below.

SunRock has performed several installations in Yellow Springs, including one this past year at the Dann-Denny residence (featured in this Yellow Springs News article). The 5.2 kW solar PV installation was designed to provide a...

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Happy Solstice

June 27, 2012

The long days of summer are here and solar production is at its peak for Cincinnati. We have plenty of sunshine here in the summer, but many people ask us if we get enough sun during the rest of the year to make solar projects feasible? The answer is, absolutely!  With thousands of solar power systems installed in southwest Ohio, there is no doubt solar works here.  The table below shows the percent of our annual sunshine we receive each month of the year.


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SunRock Solar Installs More Commercial PV Systems

May 31, 2012

SunRock has recently installed two more commercial systems. A 51 kW direct tied photovoltaic array was installed on the roof of the locomotive shop at the CSX rail yard in downtown Cincinnati.  The system at CSX allows the company to take advantage of financial incentives and offset power purchase from the local utility.


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Interview with SunRock Customer

April 25, 2012

Harvey P. of Yellow Springs Ohio hired SunRock Solar to install a photovoltaic array in his backyard using a seasonally adjustable pole mount system. The installation was completed on May 3, 2011, so the system has been in production for about a year.  We interviewed Harvey about his panels and the pole mount system.


How big is your system? 

Fifteen 230-watt modules for a system rating of 3.45 kW.


What perce...

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SREC Data Collected from SunRock Solar Customers

March 13, 2012

The following data has been collected from current SunRock Solar customers to show what each has made by selling their SRECs produced by their installed systems.

We were able to collect information from 13 out of 21 of our residential PV customers.  Four systems are still waiting for state certification, and data is not available for the others at this time.

It does not reflect the SRECs that our commercial customers have sold, nor does it reflect those that have contract...

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