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Happy Solstice

June 27, 2012

The long days of summer are here and solar production is at its peak for Cincinnati. We have plenty of sunshine here in the summer, but many people ask us if we get enough sun during the rest of the year to make solar projects feasible? The answer is, absolutely!  With thousands of sola...

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Interview with SunRock Customer

April 25, 2012

Harvey P. of Yellow Springs Ohio hired SunRock Solar to install a photovoltaic array in his backyard using a seasonally adjustable pole mount system. The installation was completed on May 3, 2011, so the system has been in production for about a year.  We interviewed Harvey about his pa...

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Installation of Solar Panels Using a Pole Mount System

January 12, 2012

SunRock Solar has started using pole mounts to install photovoltaic systems for some of our customers.  Pole mounts are a valid option when there is a small amount of roof space to install an adequate number of panels, the roof line is east/west, or there is too much shading to jus...

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